Thanks to our sponsors (English version)

Before we post our last blog, we would like to thank our sponsors:

BF Goodrich: Our sincere thanks to our main sponsor BF Goodrich. We were already very excited about your tires, but this trip made us even more convinced that BF Goodrich is the only right choice for overland trips like ours. More than 70.000 kilometers of sand, rocks, through mud and water without any problem. And also on tarmac the tires are really comfortable. The tires are still in good condition! We were able to create a lot of exposure for BFGoodrich, both in Europe and in Africa. Thanks Mark!

Halfway Toyota Shelly Beach: we knew that you sold a great car to us. This trip we asked the limit of the car, and we got through everything without any problem. The car has been our home for more than a year and performed well for almost 70.000 kilometers! It was also a comforting idea that if we would have had a problem, we could always contact your mechanic Ivan. Bryan, thanks for all the spare parts you gave us. We hope we can keep on enjoying your service .

Car Plates & Signs: Pauline we can not thank you enough for the beautiful map on the bonnet and the flags. Everyday people came to have a look at the map and we lost count of the number of times photos were taken. You can go international!

Howling Moon Durban: to be honest, we are addicted to sleeping in your tent! We slept over a year in the tent. Almost daily we would set up the tent and break down the next morning, without any hassle. The extension and the awning came in handy when Roos visited us. So many people made pictures of the tent and we could have easily sold it in Europe and in Africa. How hard the day was, to know in the evening we would sleep in our comfortable bed/tent would keep us going. No insects and resistant to the most heavy tropical showers! David thanks for the preparation of the tent and the parts.
Tiger Wheel and Tyre, Shelly Beach: Bruce, thanks for assisting with the new tires and aligning the Prado. It is always a pleasure to visit a professional company like yours!

Lifesaver: during our trip there was often good drinking water for sale. Still, it was a comforting thought that if there was no drinking water we could use your jerrycan to clean water. What a great product! We saw many places in Africa where there is no clean drinking water available for the local population. We hope that this will change in the coming years.

VPS Durban: what a pleasure that we didn't have to worry about scratching our car. Brent, you have a great product that has prevented a lot of damage. In Europe and Africa many people were interested. We need to replace a few small parts and the car will look like new again.

Tracks4Africa: We knew you maps would show only the main routes in a large part of North, West and Central Africa. We hope that our GPX files can help to improve the maps. The detail in Southern Africa is so fantastic, we couldn't do without T4A!

SuperBodies Port Shepstone: Evelyn was very fit when we started our trip, thanks to the training at your gym Mark. You'll see her back soon.

Cameratek Durban: we are so happy that you have checked our cameras before we left. We have enjoyed capturing our experiences and we also received many positive comments on our photos. You can hardly see the difference in the small and the large camera. Brenda and John, thanks for your advice and service.

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