LAST EDITION: @ home! (English version)

Yippie, we're home! We are driving on the driveway to our house. Incredible if you realize the last time we were here was on March 24, 2015. Home after more than a year of travelling. What a great feeling!

We have driven 71.486 kilometers and visited 56 countries. It was awesome! So many special sightings and experiences. An overdose of beautiful, exciting and special moments! And we have met so many nice people and also made new friends. Very special were also the days that Roos has traveled with us, so nice to be able to share a part of our trip with her.

On our blog we have shared our experiences with you. Europe was very special; so easy to travel and a combination of culture, nature, delicious food and the freedom to camp anywhere.

In Africa it was a challenge to find places to camp, to find good food, to arrange visas, to survive in the chaotic traffic and on bad roads and meanwhile still enjoy the nature and the people.

Cape2nordkapp is actually Nordkapp2cape; it was magical to drive from the most northern point of Norway via the equator to the most southern point of South Africa!

We had never expected that we would get so many followers on our blog. People from 107 different countries visited our blog! We would like to thank our loyal followers for all the support and the lovely responses we received on our Facebook, blog and by email. It motivated us to be consistent in our blog writing and your encouragement gave us inspiration at times when it was more difficult.

Our trip would have been impossible if our friends Dave & Elena and Doug & Greer had not offered their help. Dave visited our property at least three times a week to make sure everything was ok, he did maintenance on the pool and checked our mail. And Doug has ensured that the grass was mowed regularly. This enabled us to travel without having to worry about our home and garden. Thank you both enormously, we feel blessed with such friends!

Here we are, standing on our patio proud of ourselves. We are going to enjoy our life at home and we will cherish our experiences of the past year!

Lots of love,
Co and Eef

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