88 + 121 = 209 (English)

88 days to go before our departure....

Everyone is aware that West Africa is affected by the Ebola virus. The name Ebola originates from 
the eponymous Ebola River in Congo, where in 1976 an outbreak occurred and Ebola first was recognized and pointed out. 
The virus is transferable via bodily fluids. The most likely source of the virus are bats. They spread the virus through their faeces. In this way various animals like chimpansees, gorillas and antilopes can be infected. When people kill and eat these animals, they may also be infected by the virus. Since there is no treatment for the virus available, most people who become infected are doomed. Unfortunately there have already been many casualties and the WHO (World Health Organization) expects that the coming period this number will increase strongly. A very tragic situation. 

We have a lot of respect and appreciation for the employees of Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and other organizations that risk their lives trying to help the victims. "The time of meetings and planning is over. It is time for action. Each day of inaction means more deaths and the slow collapse of societies." In an emotional message MSF is calling on world leaders to do more to stop the Ebola virus. For more info: Doctors without borders

In view of our travel plans, we follow developments in this area closely. A large number of borders have been closed and even Ebola-free countries refuse entry to people who have been in a country where the virus occurs. In short, there is simply no possible transit. In addition to that, we have a certain image of how we would like to travel and that we would like to come in contact with local people but seen the health risks this is certainly not possible. We have therefore decided to postpone our trip several months and also change our route. 

...... add 109 days ...... 

We would like to ship our car from Durban to Lisbon in March 2015 and to start our journey from the 1st of April 2015. We hope to be able to travel extensively in Europe first and then drive home via West Africa.

  ......  209 days to go!

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