Take control

We are excited to introduce our main sponsor to you:

We have had BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires for a long time. Made for 50% On-road, 50% Off-road usage, these tires have excellent traction on all types of terrain. As our friends and family know we have traveled a lot in Southern Africa and we prefer to go off road, to remote areas. We have both become experienced ‘4 WD drivers’. We have driven already more than 80.000 kilometers with our current BF Goodrich tires, without any problem or puncture. Especially in very rough road/track conditions, the tires performed excellent. Mud, deep sand, rocks, water, the tires always take control! Interesting fact is that they are also comfortable on tar. We carry 2 extra tires and every 10.000 kilometers we rotate all tires to extend durability. These tires have an exceptional sturdiness and long life.

We can’t imagine doing a trip like this without BF Goodrich tires and we are proud that they are as enthusiastic as we are about our adventure. We can recommend BF Goodrich tires to all 4 WD-travelers, for more details have a look at the BF Goodrich website

Thanks to Mark Perbaum and his team for supporting us with 6 new BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires!

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