Paint protection

A lot of our friends already know how enthusiastic we are about VPS "vehicle protection shield". It's a clear, high gloss polyurethane film which is applied to vulnerable areas of our car to protect the paint from being damaged. Especially when we are off road the vehicle easily gets scratched by thorn bushes or damaged by stone chips. After we get home Co will wash the car and apply some wax and the scratches dissapear as snow in the sun!

Here you see VPS Durban placing the VPS on the Prado:

Brett Kidwell and his staff have done a perfect job on the Prado. It's nice to know we can use our car to it's full potential and in harsh conditions, during our trip.We would recommend to use VPS on your 4WD, but even on a normal car as it improves the durability tremendously. Thanks a lot Brett for sponsoring us, you know we are almost as proud of your product as yourself!

If you want to read more about VPS, please visit their website
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  1. A better alternative is to have the new car delivered to an auto detailer that can provide a new Vehicle Paint Protection package, including a ceramic paint coating, Luxury Car Paint Protection vehicle wraps are perfect for protecting your existing paint, or spicing things up with a whole new color.